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What is FSMF?

Fountain Square Music Festival is a boutique music and experience festival occurring on October 6-7 2017 in Indianapolis' beautiful Fountain Square neighborhood. FSMF's focus is solely on ensuring a unique, unforgettable festival experience for artists and fans, bringing them together in unique, intimate & immersive performance environments unlike other festivals. DO NOT wait to purchase TICKETS! Because of FSMF's intimate design, tickets are limited and will sell quickly.

For more details on FSMF, 2017 events, and festival history, please visit our ABOUT page. To see the list of amazing artists performing at the festival this year, visit the ARTISTS page!

Where is FSMF located?

Fountain Square Music Festival is located in the excellent, eclectic neighborhood of Fountain Square, on the southeast side of downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. If you're a local, simply follow the Indianapolis Cultural Trail south and you'll end up right on the festival grounds.

Primary performance events and shows take place on THE NUCLEUS outdoor stage on Virginia Avenue, and in music venues HI-FI, White Rabbit Cabaret, Pioneer, and Square Cat Vinyl, which are all inside festival grounds within one block of each other. All are welcome at our festival!

To map your way to FSMF, head to: 1043 Virginia Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46203.

When does FSMF take place, and what are festival hours?

FSMF 2017 will be taking place on Friday October 6 and Saturday October 7. Official festival opening hours are:


Are single day passes for FSMF available?

Yes, and you can get those on the TICKETS page. Two-day passes are your best FSMF value, and allow you access to ALL festival shows, at a fantastic price. For direct updates, please join the FSMF mailing list HERE.

Is there an FSMF map?

Yes! We've made you a detailed map outlining all festival stages, experiences, and amenities. Print versions will be available to you upon your arrival at the festival, and digital versions will be posted on FSMF social media sites and sent to FSMF ticketholders on Monday October 2. A downloadable version of the map will also be available.

Where do I park if I'm driving to FSMF?

Because the festival is in downtown Indianapolis (a busy and bustling city), most car parking will occur outside festival grounds. If you purchase VIP tickets, you will be able to access premium parking inside festival grounds. There will be free, designated festival parking lots (within a 10 minute walk of the festival) available to general admission ticketholders, and a shuttle service will be available. Please join the FSMF email list HERE to be notified about specific parking locations soon.

Additionally, there is free street parking in much of Fountain Square and surrounding neighborhoods near the festival. However, neighborhood parking space is limited. We also suggest that you consider ridesharing to the event, or carpool with your friends.

Furthermore, we're encouraging FSMF attendees to consider walking or riding a bicycle to the festival, so much so that we're offering PREMIUM BICYCLE PARKING inside festival grounds, available to both General Admission and VIP ticketholders. Our staff will show you where to park your bicycle when you roll up. This will help FSMF to leave space for parking for all who need to drive to the festival, as well as be great for the environment!

Also, feel free to use the Indianapolis Pacers Bikeshare program, as there are bikes and docks right down the street from the festival!

Where do I stay if I'm traveling to FSMF from out of town?

There are many excellent hotel options in Indianapolis, that are just minutes from FSMF. Our friends at VisitIndy have created a portal for you to explore some fantastic hotel options in Indianapolis so you can find the perfect spot to stay while you're at FSMF! Visit the hotels portal HERE. Since our festival is in the city, camping is not an option.

Is FSMF an all-ages event?

Yes, with some stipulations. All outside activities, including THE NUCLEUS main stage and immersive experience are all-ages, as are all shows in Square Cat Vinyl. Shows at HI-FI, White Rabbit Cabaret, and Pioneer are 21+.

What is the food / drink situation at FSMF?

Fountain Square is home to incredible cuisine, artisan craft breweries, and award-winning chefs. All restaurants on the festival grounds will be open, and our cuisine marketplace featuring amazing food trucks will be serving up delicious options all day. Vegan options will be available! So, you can get a wide variety of amazing food and drink at a price that fits your budget. Whether you're looking for tacos and margaritas, burgers and beer, or even authentic Peruvian cuisine, we've got you covered! We will also have full bar service in THE NUCLEUS main stage area.

FSMF attendees are not allowed to bring their own food and drink to the festival.

What's this whole "experience" part of FSMF?

Fountain Square Music Festival is wonderfully built to make audiences become an intrinsic, intimate part of the musical performances... you will be "inside" the show! THE NUCLEUS main stage production design surrounds the audience in a powerful lighting and visual effects environment, all housed right on Virginia Avenue.

Note that strobe lights and other high-intensity effects will be used for THE NUCLEUS stage, so those with health conditions affected by these types of effects should consider those details. By purchasing a FSMF pass, you are acknowledging and agreeing to your participation in the use of such effects.

Will there be art vendors at FSMF?

Yes. A very limited number of multi-disciplinary artists will have their work on display, and for sale, at FSMF. They will be available, along with an excellent artisan merchant experience, through The FSMF MARKETPLACE Presented By Howl & Hyde, right on the FSMF grounds.

If you're interested in exhibiting your paintings, sculpture, digital work, etc, contact us via the CONTACT page for consideration.

What do I do if I have a question while I'm at FSMF?

We've got you covered. Our support staff is committed to you having an AWESOME time at FSMF. There will be plenty of service staff members, placed throughout the festival grounds in clearly-marked ORANGE attire, who can answer any question you have about the festival, and can offer you immediate assistance. Remember, because FSMF is intimate by design, you will be a prioritized participant! Both FSMF entry gates will serve as Info Centers as well.

Will I be allowed re-entry into FSMF if I need to leave?

In order to ensure that you have the full festival & neighborhood experience, your official FSMF wristband will grant you re-entry privileges to festival venues. Please note that you are subject to all initial entry procedures (bag checks, metal detection, etc) if you exit and re-enter festival grounds.

What items are allowed and not allowed at the festival?

Fountain Square is a family-friendly neighborhood, but to enjoy the full festival experience inside the venues, you may want to leave infants and toddlers at home as several FSMF venues are 21+. Pets are not allowed inside festival venues (exceptions made for service dogs). Here's a list of items you are allowed, and not allowed, to bring with you on to the festival grounds / inside venues:

-Small purses / personal bags (no larger than 12″ x 12″). All purses subject to inspection.
-Selfie sticks (shorter than 40 inches).
-Small personal use / point & shoot cameras with lense shorter than 2 inches long. No professional equipment.

-No lawn chairs.
-No inflatables / water lounges. -No umbrellas.
-No outside food or beverage.
-No coolers, of any kind.
-No glass of any kind.
-No firearms or weapons – no exceptions.
-No fireworks, explosives, totems, or flags / flagpoles.
-No illegal substances.
-No adhesive or print promotional items (stickers, laminates, posters, flyers, etc).
-No strollers.
-No drones.
-No laser pointers. -No recording equipment (personal or professional).
-No scooters, skateboards, rollerblades, hoverboards, Segways, or small motorized vehicles.


Health & safety at FSMF.

FSMF makes every effort to provide all attendees with a safe environment while at the festival. First aid and emergency medical services staff will be on the grounds during the entirety of official festival hours. If you need any medical attention, the primary medical staff will be available and continually patrolling FSMF grounds in the event of an emergency. Additionally, an Indianapolis Fire Department station is located on festival grounds.

FSMF will be completely secure, with safety provisions being handled by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department and additional private security. All festival attendees are subject to entry security measures that include metal detection and bag searches. Sorry for the inconvenience, but we want you to be safe at FSMF!

How do I purchase a FSMF ticket, and is VIP available?

It's easy... and YES! FSMF currently offers two-day festival passes and single-day tickets. For full list of ticketing options, payment information, and outline of all (excellent) VIP amenities, visit our TICKETS page.

How will ticketing and wristbands work?

The official FSMF TICKETING PAGE on Ticketfly gives you plenty of options you can choose from to get your tickets in your hands, via printable, mobile, mail, or box office methods. Upon presenting your ticket at the festival gate entryway, you will be issued your official festival general admission wristband or VIP laminate.

All ticket sales to FSMF are final, and refunds are not be given once sale is final. You are welcome to give your tickets away in the event that you can't make it to the festival but have purchased tickets.

Are there ATM's on site?

Yes, there are ATM's at FSMF. Our support staff will show you where to find them should you need to pick up some cash. Note that restaurants, bar service, and merchandising at the festival will accept cash and all major credit cards.

I'm in a band. How do I play at FSMF?

FSMF is wholly committed to ensuring that amazing global, national, and regional artists play our stages every year. We are passionate about the local music scene in Indianapolis and make investments in that community any way we can.

Our lineup is selected carefully by our curatorial team. If you are a national artist interested in playing FSMF, please contact Josh Baker at MOKB. If you are an artist in the Indianapolis area, please use our submission methods outlined on the page HERE.

*Please note that due to volume of submissions FSMF receives, submissions are checked periodically, not daily. We've already completed primary festival booking for FSMF 2017, but a spot could open up for your band. If you would like to submit, please feel free to do so. Once you submit, no followup is necessary on your part.

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